Intuitive Session & Reading

In this powerful 2 hour session, we will explore together your unique qualities, values and worth. The session will include a basic Human Design Reading and a card reading to support you moving forward.  We will heal any blocks holding you back and identify practices you can use to embody more of these qualities in your life, both during and after the session!


I invite you to come and journey together!

Be seen - Be Felt - Be Heard


Bonus: As a Manifestor in the Human Design System (8% of the population), my purpose is to create significant impact and support people to powerfully manifest & initiate new experiences! It's not unusual for clients to start manifesting a new love, more clients, a new home and many other opportunities/experiences in just one session. 

It starts with YOU

"Know Thyself"

Intuitive Session & Reading:

  1. 2 hours session to include human design reading and your unique qualities/skills/value/worth.

  2. Embodiment healing practices to move through any blocks

  3. Reading to support you to move forward

(in-person or zoom)

Your Sessions really helped me to feel so much stronger, accepted and lighter. You are really intuitive and good at seeing the details, thank you Sharon!!
— Jacqueine ~ Designer

Investment In You


Sharon, thank you so much for this afternoon!! I am now “on a mission” ~ something I used to say all the time when I was younger.
I know this pathway is the right one for me to start my journey. You are such an inspiration and lovely lady xx
— Mandy ~ Richmond, North Yorkshire

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