Sacred Healing & Embodiment Journey

one to one 7 week course


Journey from Feeling Stressed or Depressed to Fully Expressed

If you feel called to go deeper on your spiritual journey, this 7 week course is a powerful way of reconnecting back to your intuition, soul's calling, heart, magic and enchantment in life. We will connect initially for a 2 hour session/reading and then connect for 1 hour each week for 6 weeks. Working with any of the themes below, we will heal any blocks holding you back in that area and identify practices you can use to move forward, both during and after the session.





Self Expression



Create and Manifest a High Quality of Life You Love!

It starts with YOU

"know thyself"

Bonus: As a Manifestor in the Human Design System, my purpose is to create significant impact and support people to powerfully manifest & initiate new experience. It's not unusual for clients to start manifesting a new love, more clients, a new home and many other opportunities/experiences in just one session. 

In all my years of being in Business, i’ve only ever experienced two other people who have the same healing energy as Sharon. They are both high level Priests in India!
— Paul ~ Business Consultant, Lincolnshire, UK

High Quality Living 7 Week Sacred Journey Includes:

  1. Initial chat to discuss intention of the Sacred Journey (upto 30 minutes)

  2. Initial 2 hours session to include human design reading and your Unique Quality Profile

  3. Healing session/reading 1 hour for 6 weeks (in-person or zoom)


Step 1. Intention of Journey

  • Connect and share our intention for the Journey

  • Answer any questions

(upto 30 minutes zoom or phone)


Step 2. Session/reading

  • Discover Your Human Design Type

  • Discover Your Unique Qualities, Value & Worth

  • Card Reading to summarize moving forward

2 hours initial session/reading

In person or Zoom


Step 3. Weekly Sessions

  • Healing/embodiment session for each Quality

  • Card Reading to summarize moving forward

1 hour zoom call each week ~ 6 weeks

Investment In You


Sharon, thank you so much for our coaching!! I am now “on a mission” ~ something I used to say all the time when I was younger.
I know this pathway is right for me to start my journey.
You are such an inspiration and lovely lady xx
— Mandy ~ Richmond, Yorkshire

3 Signs this 1:1 High Quality Living sacred journey is Right for You

1) You are feeling lost and out of alignment. You are not sure of your next direction and feel stuck in your life right now. You want clarity on your next steps and a clearer way forward.

2) You are feeling stressed and close to burnout. You are feeling out of alignment with your truth and starting to see the signs of stress in your quality of life and wellbeing. Life feels hard work and you want to experience more daily ease and grace. You want to bring more balance and joy.

3) You've lost your fun & joy. You are feeling something is off and can't experience the joy and fun you once did. You want to feel lit up and enjoying life, your work and spending time with those you love!

Thank you so much for the special and unique Coaching session I had yesterday. In short, it was amazing! I’m experiencing a feeling of peace and joy in my body i’ve never experienced before and the card reading was so accurate.
I’ll definitely be back for another session, thank you!
— Dr Connie ~ GP & Feng Shui Guide, Lincolnshire, UK

Contact Sharon 07928390359 (UK) if you have any questions. I look forward to connecting!