High Quality Living ~ Health & Well-being

7 Weeks High End Package for Leaders


If you feel called to go deeper on your personal growth journey, this 7 week course is a powerful way of reconnecting back to your intuition, life purpose, heart, magic and enchantment in life!

This is a complete Mind, Body and Spirit make-over and will significantly change your life for the better. For myself, i’ve healed from stress, depression, an eating disorder and chronic fatigue using these practices and clients have all experienced huge positive changes in their lives and relationships as a result of our time together.

After dealing with Breast Cancer, you have helped me transform on all levels, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I am feeling amazing. And on top of that, I have just been invited to an all paid for trip to the South of France with a man I only met 3 weeks ago, thank you Sharon!
— Caroline ~ Professional Photographer ~ Richmond, North Yorkshire

Complete Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation

(inner and outer success)


waking up every day feeling a sense of joy and excitement for the day ahead

understanding the meaning behind signs and synchronities that show up in your life

living purely in the present moment with a clear mind, open heart and healthy body

knowing your value, purpose, unique qualities and worth in the world

being in complete trust and connection with Yourself and the Divine flow of the Universe

feeling a sense of joy, peace, love, truth and freedom on a daily basis

inspired and motivated to follow a path that lights you up from the inside

Experiencing complete health and well-being in Mind, Body and Soul!!

It starts with YOU

know thyself!

Bonus: As a Manifestor in the Human Design System, my purpose is to create significant impact and support people to powerfully manifest & initiate new experience. It's not unusual for clients to manifest a new love, more clients, a new home and many other opportunities/experiences in just one session. 


Quality of Life Improvements

Feel healthier in mind, body and soul

Creatively feel in flow with joy

Have a greater sense of passion and purpose

Experience more love and connection

Powerfully speak and live your truth

Have a peaceful mind, free of chatter

Feel more connected to the Universe

Create and Manifest a High Quality of Life You Love!

In all my years of being in Business, i’ve only ever experienced two other people who have the same healing energy as Sharon. They are both high level Priests in India!
— Paul ~ Business Consultant, Lincolnshire, UK

High Quality Living 7 Week Package

1) Initial chat to set our intentions

2) Initial 2 hours session to include human design reading and quality of life reading

3) Life Coaching and Healing total 6 hours (in-person or zoom) + messenger support

If you know you would like to book, go ahead and click the link below and i’ll be in contact within 24 hours of payment to arrange your first session. If you’d like to learn more, book in for a FREE Quality of Life Audit!

Investment In You


I have been a tutor at the University, teaching Human Behavior at Masters Degree level over the last 10 years, and I have never met anybody during that time who has as much insight and wisdom around patterns, psychology and human behavior as Sharon. Her work is amazing.
— Joe, Human Behavior M.A. Turor ~ UK



Health & Well-being

After years of being on my own healing journey and expertise in the field of health & wellbeing, personal growth and manifestation, it’s not unusual for clients to manifest the investment back in just one session.

  • Malcolm manifested £5,000 during our actual 2 hours together!

  • Kat created a new Thai business within weeks and was inundated with new clients.

  • Caroline recovered from cancer, improved her health and manifested an all paid for trip to the South of France with her new partner within 3 weeks of dating him!

  • Ray went from feeling really stressed as an Entrepreneur and overwhelmed to moving home, manifesting higher level clients and feeling healthier in mind, body and soul.

Sharon, thank you so much for our coaching!! I am now “on a mission” ~ something I used to say all the time when I was younger.
I know this pathway is right for me to start my journey.
You are such an inspiration and lovely lady xx
— Mandy ~ Richmond, Yorkshire

Is this Package Right for You?

You are feeling lost and out of alignment.

You are feeling stressed and close to burnout or empty and lonely.

You've lost your fun & joy.

3 Signs this 1:1 High Quality Living Healing journey is Right for You

1) You are feeling lost and out of alignment. You are not sure of your next direction and feel stuck in your life right now. You want clarity on your next steps and a clearer way forward.

2) You are feeling stressed and close to burnout. You are feeling out of alignment with your truth and starting to see the signs of stress in your quality of life and wellbeing. Life feels hard work and you want to experience more daily ease and grace. You want to bring more balance and joy.

3) You've lost your fun & joy. You are feeling something is off and can't experience the joy and fun you once did. You want to feel lit up and enjoying life, your work and spending time with those you love!

Thank you so much for the special and unique Coaching Package. In short, it was amazing! I’m experiencing a feeling of peace and joy in my body i’ve never experienced before and the card reading was so accurate.
I’ll definitely be back for another session or a retreat with you in the future, thank you!
— Dr Connie ~ GP & Feng Shui Guide, Lincolnshire, UK

Contact Sharon 07928390359 (UK) if you have any questions and would like to book an initial complementary chat.