Intuitive Healing Session

In this 1 hour healing session, we will explore together an area of life you are struggling with or a particular situation which is bothering you and causing you to feel either stressed or depressed. I will support you to heal from the past and offer lifestyle changes to move forward with much more ease and grace.




I invite you to come and journey together...

Be seen - Be Felt - Be Heard


Bonus: One personal development system I love and find so accurate with clients is the Human Design System. There are 4 different types of energy beings. I am a Manifestor, which means my purpose is to create significant impact and support people to powerfully manifest & initiate new experiences. It's not unusual for clients to start manifesting a new love, more clients, a new home and many other opportunities/experiences in just one session. 

If you feel inspired to work together, heal from the past and learn your own unique Human Design type, book below and I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on 07928390359 or via the contacts page.

Intuitive Healing Session:

  1. 1 hour session to include one area of life you would like support with

  2. Embodiment healing practices to move through any blocks

  3. Reading to support you to move forward.

(in-person or zoom)

Wow, I was in a state of bliss for 5 hours after our healing session. The card reading was so accurate!
— David ~ Colonic Therapist & Herbalist

Investment In You


I’ve never been able to trust men or feel safe with them in the past. After just one session with Sharon, I felt a huge shift at the next Dance.

There was a man there who I recognised and we smiled. I instantly felt safe surrendering to him - the polarity was there and he was so centred in himself that I felt safe. I felt totally relaxed and even playful being in presence with him.

It was amazing and I feel it was in direct resonance with my session with Sharon.
Thank you so much from my heart for helping me to open soulfully to that happening.

I have no idea where it will go, but that moment touched me deeply.

Thank you so much Angel! :)
— Sara ~ Massage Therapist, Asheville, North Carolina USA

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