Private In-Person Sessions

Thank you so much for the special and unique Coaching session I had yesterday. In short, it was amazing. I’m experiencing a feeling of peace and joy in my body i’ve never experienced before and the card reading was so accurate. I’ll definitely be back for another session, thank you!
— Connie ~ GP, Grimsby, UK
Your sessions really helped me to feel so much stronger, accepted and lighter. You are really intuitive and good at seeing the details, thank you Sharon!!
— Jacqueline ~ Designer
Wow, I was in a state of bliss for 5 hours after our session. The card reading was so accurate too!
— David ~ Colonic Therapist & Herbalist
Sharon, thank you so much for this afternoon!! I am now ‘on a mission’ ~ something I used to say all the time when I was younger.
I know this pathway is the right one for me to start my journey. You are such an inspiration and a lovely lady xx
— Mandy ~ Richmond, Yorkshire
In all my years of being in Business, i’ve only ever experienced two other people who have the same healing energy as Sharon. They are both high level Priests in India!
— Paul ~ Business Consultant, Lincolnshire UK
I’ve never been able to trust men or feel safe with them in the past. After just one session with Sharon, I felt a huge shift in the next Dance.

There was a man there who I recognised and we smiled. I instantly felt safe surrendering to him - the polarity was there and he was centered in himself that I felt safe. I felt totally relaxed and even playful being in presence with him.

It was amazing and I feel it was in direct resonance with my session with Sharon. Thank you so much from my heart for helping me to open soulfully to that happening.

I have no idea where it will go, but that moment touched me deeply.

Thank you so much Angel! :)
— Sara ~ Massage Therapist, Asheville, North Carolina USA
Your support, wisdom and tips, as well as coaching have been invaluable and I am already feeling the benefits. It’s as if I have been given a new lease of life, I feel so much more positive and now know I can achieve things I thought were beyond me. On top of this, I feel so much more energised and ‘alive’ and ready to move on with my life.
In short, I can say you have transformed my life, my way of thinking and brought out the real me. Thanks again, Sharon.
— Mike ~ Hospital Manager
Sharon works freelance in several capacities, such as a Life Coach, and in working with men and women to support them to identify and realise their life potential.
Sharon has an unusual profound ability to draw people into conversation and self analysis and to then express their inner thoughts, feelings and potential. This skill is deeply inspirational and life changing. I urge you to work with Sharon and if possible meet her to experience her charm and inspirational abilities.
— A. Rodwell ~ Chemist

Embodied Awakening Retreats

Just completed an Embodied Awakening Retreat with Sharon and feel so empowered to make the changes that I need to, to change my life for the better.
I felt closed off at the beginning of the Retreat and now I feel energised, alive and excited for the future.
I look forward to experiencing other Retreats with Sharon, who I highly recommend as her energy, compassion and friendliness is infectious.
— Viv ~ GP Practice Manager, Lincolnshire
After finishing an Embodied Awakening Retreat with Sharon, I feel I have released the blockages holding me back. I feel more open and relaxed and now know the direction I want to go in. I recommend anyone who is in need of enlightenment to try this Retreat.
— Carol ~ Reiki Master