A lover of dance, travel, adventure, play, nature and living life from the heart!

Hi and welcome, Sharon here!

I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer and Lifestyle Coach for Healers and Coaches who want to heal from the past and create and manifest a high quality of life they love.

I have a wealth of experience in both traditional Psychology, first starting my studies when I was 20 years old and over the last 20 years delving into subjects such as law of attraction, tantra, energy healing, quantum physics, nature based living and spirituality.

I’ve trained with some of the best in the field of Tantra and Energy Medicine and been on my own spiritual awakening journey since 1999. I notice that all of my clients now heal and manifest within a really short time of working together. Sometimes within the actual hour of coaching together!

In my past life, I was a successful Quality Improvement Facilitator of Change in Healthcare, working in both the UK and for 8 years in Middle East. Representing on the leading committee in the Middle East and being invited to create and train all Clinical Staff on a new process I created within a 250 hospital was an amazing experience!

Sacred Healing & Embodiment Journey

My own sacred healing & embodiment journey took me to many spiritual places around the world and opened me up to my own spirituality & healing gifts. I’ve personally healed from stress, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). I know what it feels like to be a strong person on the outside, and yet as an empath to be struggling emotionally on the inside. We put on a strong front! :) I would love to support you on your own healing journey if it feels aligned.

I also look forward to offering International Retreats in 2019 to these places I discovered below!

sacred journey to thailand

Sacred Journey to Andalucia, Spain

Sacred Journey to Sedona, Arizona