A lover of dance, travel, adventure, play, nature and living life from the heart!

Hi and welcome, Sharon here!

I’m a Lifestyle Consultant and Energy Healer who is passionate about supporting Professionals to experience a feeling of balance in all areas of wellbeing ~ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My background combines both the scientific field of Psychology (4 years study at the University) and the esoteric field of energy and spirituality. Over the last 20 years i’ve immersed myself in the research and study of the law of attraction, tantra, energy healing, quantum physics, nature based living and spirituality.

My training’s and certifications include Health & Wellness Diploma, Psychology & Counselling, Personal Fitness Training, Reiki Energy Healing, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting, Dance Therapy, Chakra Healing and Tantra.

To become happy and healthy human Beings, I feel it’s so important for us to look at all areas of our lives. To feel both grounded and abundant with material success and to feel spiritually connected, experiencing the inner qualities of love, connection, peace and harmony. Let’s experience it all whilst we are here! :)

In my past life, I was a successful Quality Improvement Facilitator of Change in Healthcare, working in both the UK and for 8 years in the Middle East. I represented on the leading committee in a 250 bed hospital and received an award for creating and training all Clinical Staff on a new process for Transformation and Change within Healthcare.

High Quality Living Healing Journey

After years of pushing myself as a Type A Leader and ignoring the warning signs from unhealed trauma from my past, I finally crashed in 2009 and was diagnosed with stress, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). As a true type A, even whilst bed-bound, I was determined to heal myself naturally and without medication! So I chose a path of natural healing, meditation, spiritual awakening and creative expression, which took me to many spiritual places around the globe and literally transformed me on all levels of wellbeing from the inside out. Yes, it is possible to heal naturally and without medication and i’m here to show you how!

Here are a few pictures of my journey to share and hopefully inspire you on your own healing journey.

I am excited to be offering International Retreats starting in 2020!

sacred journey to thailand

Sacred Journey to Andalucia, Spain

Sacred Journey to Sedona, Arizona